Creativity requires courage; courage requires fear.

Shaun Michael Nilsson is a New York-based entrepreneur, designer, speaker and musician.  Among his various projects, he operates the largest and most successful digital agency for real estate professionals in North America, and a fashion label.  He is one of the world's foremost authorities on real estate social media marketing, having instructed more than 100,000 professionals to-date, while receiving various awards and nominations for his work; and a well-respected and successful technology entrepreneur who sits on various boards and advisories.

As an entrepreneur and investor, Shaun co-founded social media giant CityBlast Media Inc, and is the founder and co-creative director (along with Jona Sees) of the New York-based clothing and footwear line Corsa.  He is the founder of the upstart Givvio charity fundraising platform, and an avid real estate investor.   

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"